Our Main Services Include;

  • Website/Mobile App Design (hand-coded unique designs, no templates)
  • Website/Mobile App Development (hybrid web/desktop application available - app store, play store)
  • ECommerce Solution, Magento, Shopify, WordPress
  • Custom CMS, Full Web Application Development (anything you need to build)
  • Web/Email/Domain Hosting (solution for all needs up to 1000 active users)
  • Content Creation (blog posts, tutorials, faq)
  • Illustration (website banners, custom icons)
  • Website/App Analytics setup and monitoring (signups, shares, purchases, and more).
  • Newsletter Creation/Management (Mailchimp/ConstantContact custom email template creation)

Our Favorite Languages

  • 1. JavaScript - Our favorite, originally for the web, javascript is now being used in server-side with node.js
  • 2. Bash - command-line interface language for linux/os x. Because it's cool and we are the cool agency
  • 3. HTML5 & CSS3 - Core technologies for building web pages
  • 4. PHP - Server-side open source scripting language to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.
  • 5. SQL - Structured Query Language used to communicate with databases

Frameworks We Use

  • None - We Like To Code
  • WordPress - Solution for simple websites, blog or ECommerce
  • Magento - Heavy solution for scalable ECommerce
  • SquareSpace - User-friendly solution for websites, blogs
  • JQuery - JavaScript Framework (we avoid it but we can work with it)
  • AngularJS - client-side JavaScript MVC framework to develop powerful dynamic web application
  • NodeJS - Runtime environment for developing server-side applications on Chrome's JavaScript Engine (V8)
  • ReactJS - JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Maintained by Facebook
  • ReactNative - Build real mobile app indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java